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After competing in New York City Marathon, ice can be a runner’s best friend when treating sore muscles

Dear Running Doc: I just ran the NYC Marathon Sunday and set a personal record finishing in 3 hours 58 minutes. My whole body hurts! Is this normal? Should I use ice or heat? – Joseph G., Port Washington, NY. … Continue reading

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Recovery Tips from Sunday’s NYC Marathon

Dr. Maharam: I am running the NYC Marathon. Any tips to be less sore the next day? Nancy K. White Plains, NY Thanks Nancy. Post-event muscle soreness is an issue everyone complains of the next day. Follow these tips to lessen … Continue reading

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As New York City Marathon approaches, readers ask why runners collapse at a certain point in the race

Dr. Maharam: I have noticed that most half-marathon and marathon deaths seem to be happening before the finish. I understand there is discussion about research on this but do you have any thoughts as to why runners are collapsing at … Continue reading

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Tips for running in cold weather as New York City marathon approaches

Dr. Maharam: This winter I plan on running races in Central Park put on by the New York Road Runners just about every weekend. I find myself shivering after the races, and am afraid I may eventually get hypothermic. As … Continue reading

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As NYC Marathon nears, resuscitation and caffeine levels are hot topics among race doctors

A recent discussion amongst IMMDA (International Marathon Medical Directors) physicians described the following recent cases of successful resuscitations at different races around the world: * A 35-year-old healthy firefighter died 500 yards before the finish at the 2011 Chicago Marathon. * … Continue reading

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Fevers, severe pains, stress fractures, and chest pains are pre-race warnings for marathon runners

Dr. Maharam: I am planning to run my sixth marathon in a few weeks. I’ve heard of many different injuries and conditions, which some doctors tell their patients they can run through while others tell them not to run. Can … Continue reading

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Stretching is the key for runners looking to avoid Achilles injuries

The Running Doc is now a columnist on, and will be answering some more of your burning running questions there too! Here is the latest question Dr. Maharam received: Hi doc. Just began seeing your column in the News, … Continue reading

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